Youtuber Bob Creamer Recorded a Call.

Cicada 3301 Clues Revealed - 2017

Cicada 3301 Clues Revealed - 2017

The Audio needed to be recorded because it was not clear. He Isolated the audio recordings of reverse speech. After they were reversed a message was clearer. He slowed it down and finally after adjusting the pitch he was able to Hear the message.

Yea it's not going to be the hours and it's not going to be the hard work. It's going to be a eureka moment,tada moment somebody sees the what the simple rule is that tells you how to decrypt it.


10 minutes after the call he got a text message that said "When the doors of perception have been cleansed, things will appear as they truly are..."

It's taken from a philosophical essay that was released as a book in 1954 by aldous huxley. It details his experiences when taking mescaline.

NAMA Machine d'Anticythère 1

30 mins later he got a text that said

"Antikythera Mechanism"

If you use a Anagram generator on "Antikythera Mechanism" you get this solution.

"I'm the mistaken anarchy"