Welcome CICADA 3301 2017 WIKIEdit

We had to start this wiki because the Trolls over at the uncovering CICADA wiki are stuck in PGP land and have trolled any posting about the new puzzles. This is going to be a repository of what has been found. We found proof this is cicada 3301 and closed the story on the Uncovering Wiki nightmare. This will be a open wiki on CICADA 3301 related items. Where we can openly discuss Cicada Like Puzzles and work together to collectively college and share this information. We aren't in the business of controlling what people believe.

The Start of the Puzzle and the Mojave Phone Booth.

First Image


Mojave Call Jan 11th, 2017

Mojave Call Jan 25th, 2017

The 818-369-7281 Saga - WHO IS BOB CREAMER

818-369-7281 Call Feb 5th

Latest activityEdit

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